Call me Colin.

My name is Nicolas Scala. My friends call me Colin.

I'm an International Relations undergrad student at Universidad de San Andrés & the University of Edinburgh.

I'm currently writing my dissertation about the Australian government's policies on unauthorised maritime arrivals (aka boat people).

You can reach me at or @nicoscala.

I am the founder and editor-in-chief of Politeia Blog, a student publication focusing on Political Science and International Relations. I also do IT for our parent organisation Politeia — a nonpartisan group working to get young people involved in politics.

I am mostly interested in defence matters and Australian politics. I hope to eventually move to Australia and work on defence-related issues.

In addition to running the Blog, I also help organise Congressional candidates' debates, and our annual conference with leading academics, government officials and military officers.

You can subscribe to my Spanish-language newsletter on global politics at, or you can read previous issues on Politeia Blog.

I am a top Goodreads librarian in Argentina. If you're an author or publisher, feel free to send me an advance review copy, but be aware I do not always have the time to read ARCs.

Bachelor's degree progress:


Professional Reader

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